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Learning to code can be frustrating at times. This is what I’ve learned:
-Get comfortable being uncomfortable;
-Know how to find info to help you debug, know when to ask for help;
-If you’re in the position to help someone else, do it. Why? Because it not only helps that person it helps you solidify concepts that you’ve learned.
More importantly, odds are someone once helped you & you should always give back. Right? :slight_smile:

So, here’s my question Do you help others if you can?

  • Yes, often
  • No, I don’t
  • Other, explain

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Demonstrably :slight_smile:, though I’m sure there’s probably plenty of people who would disagree with that because I don’t simply pony up the solution. :smiling_imp:

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Even in Helll’s Kitchen Gordon Ramsay calls out people that are too cutthroat and don’t play well with others. Coding is a team sport and helping others is a great thing!


There’s a difference between helping and giving the answers. Gotta teach or, rather lead people to think! :nerd_face:

I do my best to help people out, given there is much I still have to learn so I often finding my self reading peoples answers and questions, and having little understanding of the concept.

These are actually my favorite though, it is when I get to learn the most.