A problem with ls -l on BASH Manipulation


If anyone is reading this right now, I really need help on BASH in unit 2 of step 3 for Manipulation ls-l.
In step 3, it is telling me to try out another option for the ls command by saying to first navigate to the comedy/ directory. So, I then typed in
ls -l comedy/
but the check mark in the box never came up. I thought I made a mistake in typing, but I didn’t. I tried retyping it, refreshing the page, and even tried typing in other things that could be the answer other than ls-l comedy/ such as ls-comedy, ls -l, or comedy, but still nothing. I don’t know what’s wrong with this and I need help now. It won’t let me move on, and I know that what typed in can’t be wrong. Can anyone help me? If so, please respond ASAP. Thanks.


It’s asking you to manipulate ls -l to view another directory that’s not in the immediate directory. In this case, you’ll need to do ls -l /path/to/directory. You need to to know the file path prior to using ls -l to navigate to that directory.

You can also do ../directory if it’s one directory above or ../../directory if it’s 2 directories above you, but that depends on the directory structure you’re in.

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