A problem running Minesweeper from the command line

There was a problem with Minesweeper that I never quite overcame. (I have done more recent projects, although I am behind and have serious doubts if I will be able to finish on time.)

When I play the game from the command line, nothing happens. When I type in .load game.js, the whole code appears on screen. Then, I am prompted (...) to create a new instance of Game, then I am prompted to play a move. When I then type in (for example) game.playMove(1, 0);, nothing is printed. Instead, I get the same prompt on the next line. Yet, I never get any error messages. It’s just that neither the board nor any messages about me winning, uncovering a bomb, etc., are printed. I suspect that this is because game.js is somehow unable to communicate with board.js, but that is just a guess. Did anyone else have this issue?