A Pro Quiz Problem

I don’t know if anybody else is getting this issue:
For some reason, even though I’m not using pro, the system allows me to access the quizzes
in one of the lessons, the " Learn how to code " lesson.
for other things, like pro lessons, still prompt me and prohibit me from accessing those pro content,
and my research suggests that ALL QUIZZES are pro, and are not free.

So, what gives?
Why can I access " Learn how to code " quizzes when quizzes are Pro - only?

Access to quizzes and projects usually requires Pro membership, but this isn’t the case for every course. Just as you’ve discovered with the “Learn How To Code” course, some courses allow access to everything for all members.

You can spot the difference by looking at the syllabus for the course. Here’s a screenshot from the Learn JavaScript course (notice the PRO symbols on the right, indicating that Pro is required):

Here’s a screenshot from the Create a Professional Website with Velo by Wix course that also has some sections of JavaScript too.

There are no “PRO” symbols, so it’s accessible to all members.

Taking the course wouldn’t earn a certificate, but everything in the course is available to free members too.


Thank you VERY much for this answer to my question.
It is good to know I haven’t accidentally violated CodeCademy regulations, somehow.