A Pokémon Damage Calculator (Python Battle Simulator, Beta 1)


Back to Python again, lol!

So I'm getting a little used to Python now and decided to have some fun with it. I spent a couple of hours making a program for a text-based battle simulator for Pokémon fans. I found a few dead end points with some of the variables I'm going to use for the damage calculations, but I won't worry about those for now until all the relevant stuff is out of the way first.

Some of the numbers and calculations may be inaccurate, but I put my own spin on it (especially with the critical hit variable that can never seem to be as accurate as it is in the actual game). I based all the numbers off of the calculations in Generation 4 of Pokémon (the period of time between the release of Pokémon Pearl and Pokémon SoulSilver) to start with, then changed up a few things while editing and debugging my code.

Here's what I've made so far:

import time
from time import sleep
global Modifier
global Targets
global Weather
global Critical
global CritMod
global CritPerce
#Critical Hit Percentage (as you can tell, I got a little...confused [get it?] with how to make the Critical Hit Ratio work)
global CritStage
CritStage = 0
global RANdommage
import random
from random import randint
global STAB
global TypeEff
#'TypeEff' = "Type Effect(iveness)"
global Burn
global OtherDamEf
#'OtherDamEf' = "Other Damage Effects"
#Not sure how I'm gonna use all these variables yet.

global Damage
global Type
Type = ["Normal", "Grass", "Fire", "Water", "Rock", "Fight", "Psychic", "Bug", "Flying", "Ground", "Poison", "Ghost", "Dark", "Steel", "Ice", "Dragon", "Fairy"]
#Type = random.Type()
#Still beta, doesn't have much use as of now.

RANdommage = random.uniform(0.85, 1) * 1.5 * 4        #Testing out an example from Bulbapedia to see if decimal numbers from 5.1-6 come up. Will remove the "1.5" and "4" multiplication factors after I'm done testing all of this.
#RANdommage = random.randint(1, 2) * 0.85 * 1.5 * 4 [Will be used if random.uniform float cannot be used. An example of me putting my own spin on the numbers...sorta]

print(RANdommage)      #Testing...testing...1, 2, 3...
print(Type)       #Again, has no use right now, but I'm just testing to see if the list will still function normally.


#A landslide of Critical Confusion. Tried making my calculations as precise as in the game, but got a bunch of errors and headaches, so I evaded that little error and put my own rapid spin of it. (Tried using a 'While Condition' like in my previous post, but it didn't work)
if CritStage == 0:
	CritPercent = random.randint(4, 100)
elif CritStage == 1:
	CritPercent = random.randint(12, 100)
elif CritStage == 2:
	CritPercent = random.randint(49, 100)
elif CritStage == 3:
	CritPercent = random.randint(71, 100)
elif CritStage == 4:
	CritPercent = random.randint(76, 100)
	CritPercent = random.randint(80, 100)   #Don't worry...just don't worry. It's unnecessary.

if CritPercent > 75:
	CritMod = 1
elif CritPercent <= 75:
	CritMod = 0
Critical = CritMod * 2 * 4

def modMeasure():
	Targets = 1
	Weather = 1
	STAB = 2
	TypeEff = 4
	Burn = 1
	OtherDamEf = 1
	Modifier = Targets * Weather * Critical * RANdommage * STAB * Type * Burn * Other    #I changed 'Other' here to "OtherDamEf" as @stetim94 requested, Which solved a potential syntax error, so shouts to him =). 

print("Super...effective!")  #Again, random. Ignore this.

I'm sorta stuck here for now. This is the error that came up:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "python", line 68 (Line containing: "modMeasure()"), in
File "python", line 64, in modMeasure (Line containing: "Modifier = Targets * Weather * Critical * RANdommage * STAB * Type * Burn * Other")
TypeError: can't multiply sequence by non-int of type 'float'

What I want to know is, how do I get around this hurdle? I can't seem to find a solution for this one...
Please help me.

I will make updates to this post as more replies come in. On that note, I'm offline for now. I will change the post again when I'm back on though, so if you're waiting for a reply back, check the end of the post. See y'all later! :grin:


this line:

Modifier = Targets * Weather * Critical * RANdommage * STAB * Type * Burn * Other

you use Other, but i don't see where you defined Other?


Oops. Didn't see that. Thanks, I was supposed to change that.


Did that solve the problem?


Nope. The actual problem (for now) has something to do with the program being unable to use a float to calculate the 'Modifier'...I think. But your reply has solved a syntax error that I would've ran into tho, so thanks.


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