A little stuck

So I completed modules 1, 2, 3, and 4. Other than the do it yourself games thing (quite honestly I have no idea what code academy was thinking with the game thing. I get building on and making something a little more difficult but this was like they took a page from the book of our public education system…it was ridiculous at best to think with what we were given that we should be able to do that). Anyway I digress…

I did all of the modules up to this point without issue. I felt that I grasped it all and understood it all just fine. At the end of Module 4 lists there is a “Code Challenge: Lists” that combines everything we’ve learned to this point from module 1 syntax, module 2 Functions, and Module 3 Control Flow.

I fell completely on my face. When I showed the solutions I could read them and understand them just fine. They made sense. But me actually doing them was a disaster. I’m now afraid to move on to module 5: loops because I have a feeling until I figure this out I’ll just get further confused as we try to introduce loops into lists/functions/control flow. Just curious if anyone has any thoughts or ideas. It doesn’t appear there is really anything that takes everything from Module 1-4 and lets us learn how to use it together other than this one at the end of module 4. I just feel like I need to be comfortable using all that together before I move on or It’ll just get worse.

Ask yourself what actions need to be carried out to solve the problem and then when you have it completely figured out start translating those steps one at a time into code. If you know what you want to happen then you have something to refer to when writing the code.