A little confused about career paths

I am new to codecademy, although I have had an account for awhile, I never really started in earnest on the programs here until a couple days ago. so I decided to start with the code foundations career path packet as a refresher and I noticed that “learn how to code” is listed as pro in the course packet, but if I go over to individual courses in the catalog, “learn how to code” is listed as a free course?

Is the learn how to code in career path’s packet different from the free course listed separately, or is this the same thing? If they are the same, why is the one in the packet listed as a pro course? I wanted to do a few courses before I decided to pay for pro but I feel like I am getting mixed signals.

Hello, @ccarnahan0615! Welcome to the forum!
I’m a pro member, and just looked at the ‘Learn How to Code’ course in both the Code Foundations career path and as an individual course. I see that in the Code Foundations path it’s shown as a ‘Pro’ course, but they are identical as far as I can tell. I haven’t completed the course, but have completed a few of the lessons while helping others with specific questions. My progress appears to be the same whether I go through the Code Foundations path or access the course directly, so I’m fairly confident it’s the same course. @alyssavigil, can you confirm?

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Thanks for letting me know, I will work through the individual course. Is there a reason the career path packet version is pro only? is it just the career path format that is pro?

Not sure. It doesn’t appear that there are two separate courses, or even two versions of the course. I suspect that the ‘Pro’ tag is in error, or perhaps at one time it was a ‘Pro’ only course offered only via the Code Foundations career path.

thanks for the input and the help, I really appreciate it.

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Hi there - you’re correct that the Learn How to Code course is both a free course and part of the Code Foundations path, which is pro content. Currently, all content in career paths except for the first section is only accessible to pro learners.

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