A little bit stuck

hi guys. i just started learning coding and i just completed the html lesson and putting what i have learned into practice. I’m applying what i just gathered about the select tag. can i get help with the codes that i would use to display information on the option when selected.

for example if i give garlic shrimp as an option

when an option is select i would also want a display screen, displaying various information like ingredients or something.

can someone help please.

Hi there, welcome to the forums.

It sounds like you want the choice made in the dropdown to affect another part of the page, where it shows the information?

If this is the case, you’re describing an interactive site - so you’ll need JavaScript. If you’re doing the web dev path, you’ll get to the JavaScript you need to implement this eventually. :slight_smile:

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@thepitycoder thanks for that, really appreciate it. well a little more html practice and i’ll move on to JavaScript.

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No worries.

Getting HTML down first is definitely a requisite, as it’s the foundation of everything on the web.

If you’re doing the Web Dev path, you start with HTML before moving into CSS to make the pages look how you want, then on to JavaScript to make them interactive in various ways. You should be in a position to start hashing out the functionality you’re after by the end of module 6.

If you’re not doing the path, I’d suggest the following courses in order:

Learn HTML > Learn CSS > Learn JavaScript > Building Interactive JavaScript Websites

Well i’m actually doing the path so i guess i have to little more to learn before i can know the answer to my question. lol
thanks again

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You’ll definitely get there eventually, then - and if you get stuck when you do, or along the way, just pop back here and ask. :smiley: