A:link changes visited links style


Why does a:link pseudo-class selector change only color for unvisited links, and all other properties for all links at all? And it's not only in Microsoft Edge browser.
Thank you in advance.


because that is what a:link does? from the :link page on mdn:

The :link CSS pseudo-class
lets you select links inside elements. This will select any link which
has not yet been visited, even those already styled using selector with
other link-related pseudo-classes like :hover, :active or :visited.


In my example the "Google Translate" link has been visited already, and I can't understand, why the a:link selector changes all that link's properties except for color which remains purple (default for visited links), if it must change only unvisited links?


a:link only target non-visited with the color property, all other property's are also applied to visited links


That appears very strange to me, but thank you anyway :wink: