A href text not aligning to centre


I am currently on the ‘Excursion’ project as part of the ‘learn Git & Github’ course.


I’ve created my HTML & CSS files and they are linked with all of the CSS code working, except the css code to align the link text in the a href code to centre.

Here is my HTML code:

Download Excersion (Coming Soon)

Here is my CSS code:

a {
color: aquamarine;
text-align: center;

Any tips on where i’m going wrong to centre the text in the link?

Hi there,

could you post the entire code of your project?

As you can see of this sample

<a href="https://www.mozilla.com">

a isn’t text
so you can align text, not a
Or it must be a bloc !! But this is an other story… :slight_smile:
You can complete with : <a>: The Anchor element - HTML: HyperText Markup Language | MDN

I actually tried the same thing but that didn’t work. Instead I added a container div for all my elements, and text-aligned that for it to work.