A High Contrast Site

By the way Kudos to whomever decided to put an Espanol category. I like that a whole bunch. Albion what about addressing those with disabilities as well. I liked a comment a while ago about a user who had a concern with Codecademy viewability issues.

You mean visibility issues like people who are colourblind?

That should go in the Lounge, in Platform-Problems-and-Suggestions – that is if I am understanding you correctly. I’m a bit thrown off by the segue from Espanol :slight_smile:

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I didn’t think of that. Site colours? or Screen readers?

I will elaborate further I believe that the concern revolved around the actual programming interface. A high contrast option does not seem like such a huge task. I myself love your color scheme (the style of which I have emulated in Notepad ++)

Just going to move this topic over to the lounge

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Both. Screen readers would really be for visually impaired (no or barely any vision instead of colourblind which is colours) and colour changes for the colourblind.

Are we talking about just codecademy.com or discuss.codecademy.com?

Screen readers would be for the blind - people who can’t see much of anything/ can’t see at all, whereas colourblind people could have the option to change the colour scheme.

Both I would imagine, as I am sure you are all well aware that description tags in HTML are practically mandatory according to W3C. Certain things (sites) wreak havoc upon this rather large demographic.

I believe the poster was addressing the actual programming interface. The linker compiler.

@mrjlopez please reply here not in the other thread.

Gotcha man sorry about that.

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