A Guide for Teachers, Students, and Parents during Covid-19

Hi teachers, students, and parents!

In this article, Learn from Home: A Guide for Teachers, Students, and Parents during Covid-19, you’ll find that our Curriculum Team has taken the time to break out recommendations by education level in our catalog library. We’ve also included time estimates by age group for educators planning curricula for longer time periods.

Below are recommendations for teachers and parents on how to get started.

:books: For Teachers:

We recommend:

  • Picking a path or course based on your class’s grade level and interest (see course recommendation below for guidance).
  • Creating a lesson plan or a calendar for your class to follow.
  • Hosting weekly discussions and check-ins with your students about their progress.
  • Building team projects throughout the course.

:dizzy: For Parents:

We recommend:

  • Setting a goal with your child. For example, “aim for one lesson per day and take notes”. Let them have a say in how, when, and where they want to do their work. This is a great chance to build their metacognition — where they can become more aware of how their own learning and thinking process works.
  • Creating a calendar and daily schedule like this or this.
  • Coding along with them!

Learners must be at least 13 years old to create an account.

Please feel free to reply to this topic if you have any questions at all.

:hugs: Happy coding!

This is all great, but unclear how to sign up for a free scholarship you offer for students. Are they still available?

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It’s possible they are still available! To find out more, visit this link: Scholarships for Students Affected by COVID-19

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