A glitch with Access by Index



When i put "MONTY" in the fifth_letter variable, i get an error saying "Oops, try again.
The value of fifth_letter is "MONTY" instead of "Y"."
but when i then change the variable to "Y", i get this error "Oops, try again.
Remember to use the string "MONTY" (all caps!) in your code."


Now that i finally find another topic on the same problem, this section of the lesson in particular is poorly designed. after it tells you that it starts counting from 0, rather than 1, they then tell you to make the variable '5' which made me think that it meant six, and so it gets very confusing.

although, i did figure it out pretty quickly. heck, maybe this was a test to check out the forum.


fifth_letter = "MONTY"[4]