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I typed my css, I believe appropriately. Have semicolons, brackets, etc. However, I keep getting error msgs. that I have coded the css for h1 incorrectly. It is coded similarly as the others. I will try to paste it here by pressing on the linck icon above and using the link http://codecademy.com. Please tell me if I need to revise how I submit a question. Thanks.
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Add your CSS below!/

h1 {font-family: serif;}
h2 {font-family: sans-serif;}
h3 {font-family: cursive;}

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This went through when I switiched from chrome to firefox. No idea why. Thanks.

I am having the same problem

Switching to Firefox worked for me as well.

I have the same problem in chrome.
I tried firefox, too but it still doesn’t work.
What ist wrong here ?

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Wasn’t working for me either, so I just added style=“font-family: serif” etcetera as an attribute to each tag manually in the HTML and that let me pass.