A fix for the "are you still there" pop-up frequency issue


Many of you know, if you are away from Codecademy for a while, a pop-up asks if you are still there and if you’d like to get back to coding – this feature allows us to spend fewer computing resources on inactive users. However, many of you have reached out to us to point out that you have been disconnected from Codecademy even when you are actively working on the platform. We looked into this, and it turns out this was happening because we were only counting users as “active” if they were actually writing and submitting code. It turns out that, particularly with our new courses and Pro Intensives, there’s a lot of things you’re doing in our Learning Environment that don’t involve writing code!

After today’s deploy, we’re taking things like mouse movement, scrolling, and keyboard usage into account, so active users shouldn’t get disconnected anymore!



On to that fix, I hope that “Get Back to Coding” does not auto Run the lesson, but reconnects in a static mode.


The “Hey! Are you still there?” popped up 3 times within 10 seconds for me just now… Twice while I am typing codes. I noticed that it happened quite often for the past week, but not as severe as today. As of today, clicking “Get Back to Coding” still auto Run the lesson. Hope this get fixed soon. Thank you,