A few project ideas

I read that opinions are encouraged, so I’ll try to give my 2 cents on what would be awesome for me to have on CC.

I understand that CC has its own business model and stuff so I’ll just write this list for the love of it and - who knows - maybe one day… :slight_smile:

-develop and deploy a website that scans others website. i.e. heartbleed checker or wordprese theme checker or a website that checks what tech is using another website. This would be so plenty of info and would give me a solid overview of many things.

-develop and deploy a pastebin website. A website that does what pastebin does - it hasn’t to be huge.

-a Twitter Bot / a node js Discord bot and an IRC bot.

-github course

-how to develop an IRC network.

-how to develop a WP plugin and a FF or Chrome Plugin.

-how to develop and “ship” a desktop software. Example see memory wise optimator.

-how to develop a VST audio plugin, for example a compressor, an equalizer and a meter.

That’s all for now :smiley:

Thanks for your time.