A day at the supermarket: i dont understand this code


i did passed this section.but i dont understand the result of this code.


the function is never called, so nothing gets printed, so the codecademy console show None (none printed)


yes i know about that. i know what the output is. but the coding from the instructions is what i dont understand @stetim94


what is it you don't understand? everything is to broad to answer


when stock was greater than zero. the if statement instruct stock block is what i dont get clearly. i tried coining out few examples on my own but i still got lost


First you are checking if the stock value for a specific object is greater than 0. (You can't add nothing into your cart and get charged for it lol)
if stock[compute] > 0

Then you are adding the price of the item multiplied by how many items you are purchasing.
for compute in food #This loops price addition by how many objects in stock
total += prices[compute] #adds the price of a single stock to total but get looped during iteration until 0

Then you are subtracting one from stock since it was purchased and no longer on your stocks.
stock[compute] -=1

Finally it takes the total price and returns the value to where ever the function was called from.
return total


BINGO!! thanks there. the iteration makes it more explainable. my conflict was the increment of price forgetting the fact that stock deals with price in our total.