A day at the supermaket


prices = {
"banana": 4,
"apple": 2,
"orange": 1.5,
"pear": 3
stock = {
"banana": 6,
"apple": 0,
"orange": 32,
"pear": 15
for key in prices:
print prices: 2
print stock: 0
Oops, try again. Your code looks a bit off. Check the Hint if you need help! Your code threw the following error: invalid syntax (python, line 14)


Should both of these be prices? or should one be price? :thinking:


Like the example above, for each key, print out the key along with its price and stock information. Print the answer in the following format:


You have prices not price it would seem.


can you give an example because I'm getting confused


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