A couple of questions

Good morning folks,

this is my very first post ever - i’ve only been lurking through threads that helped me within my own scripts at work. Which brings me to how far am I into python. Im okayish. I write scripts for boring and repetetive assignments at work, such as exporting certain data from 1000 pdf invoices into csvfiles.

This has all been fun and all, but its not fulfilling as it was when “it first worked”. I bet you all know what i mean. And since im moving out in january ive thought of a new project to work an which (hopefully) will help me stay alive on my own.

Before I get to my questions i’d like to share my general Idea:
3 components are wanted:
First a DIR, accessable from my mobile phone and my home PC. I thought of an FTP running on a PI or my Router or something. Maybe some online sharepoint, who knows.

Secondly an Android APP. I’d like to take pictures of cash receipts and send them to said DIR. With this APP I’d also like to create/read spreadsheets and save them within said Dir. So that i can actually handle my Money through the app as well.

Thirdly a desktop application for my home PC. Essentially same options like within the app.

Now to my Questions:

  1. I’ve heard you can create Android Applications with kivy. Are those stand alone APPs or do I need certain other apps installed as well to run my python code?
  2. Is Kivy the ‘non plus ultra’ when it comes to creating Android Apps with python?
  3. Are there other libraries i can use to create ‘easy’ GUI’s for Android Apps?
  4. What will I need to create an Android APP in general (Something to convert my project into APK?"
  5. Which is the best way to access folders, a certain dir, over the net with python?
  6. Is there an FTP Library for easy read/write?

Aight, thats about it.
Have a nice day folks <3.


1234) I’d ask (closer to) Kivy/Android
56) Rather than having a directory with direct access (is this multi-user too?) you might want to instead communicate with a http api (a webserver) so that it can control permissions and such. This also solves how you’d connect to it, just about everything speaks http.


Thanks Ionatan!

I will wrap my head around Questions 1-4 myself. I think experiencing the path to finding the answers are worth the time. I will reference my Solutions / Answers to this thread once im done.

No, it isn’t multi user, i just intent to use it myself.
I will keep your suggestion in mind once im at this part. Im not that familiar with this forum, is there a section where i can present my project / code? So that others might benefit from it.


github sounds like a more suitable platform for this.