A cool code

A cool code

<?php $dd=array( 'Server Address'=>$_SERVER['SERVER_ADDR'], 'Server Name'=>$_SERVER['SERVER_NAME'], 'Server Software'=>$_SERVER['SERVER_SOFTWARE'], 'Document Root'=>$_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'], 'HTTP Host'=>$_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'], 'Remote Address'=>$_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'], 'Remote Port'=>$_SERVER['REMOTE_PORT'], 'Script File Name'=>$_SERVER['SCRIPT_FILENAME'], 'Server Admin'=>$_SERVER['SERVER_ADMIN'], 'Serever Port'=>$_SERVER['SERVER_PORT'], 'Script Name'=>$_SERVER['SCRIPT_NAME'], 'Request URI'=>$_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'], 'PHP Self'=>$_SERVER['PHP_SELF'] ); ?> <?php foreach ($dd as $key=>$value){ ?> <?php } ?>
Name Value
<?php echo $key?> <?php echo $value?>

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Hey Younis,

No one can see your full code, because parts of it are getting stripped out by the forums. If you’d like to share code, please see this post:


and format your code, following his instructions. Thanks!