A completed course appears as "In Progress"

Hi everyone.

I was looking through my courses overview and I found the Learn SQL course, which I completed like a year ago, marked as “In Progress…”:

If I click on it, it says I completed it:

It doesn't really bother me, but I just thought I'd report the error.

Did they possibly add anything new to it?
I had some completed courses from over a year ago but when I click on some lessons they’re not completed bc of the new material.

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I take back what I said (b/c I was on mobile when I replied earlier).

I looked at one of the course–Analyze Data With Python–I’d completed a couple years ago and it says it’s not completed. I drilled down into each part of the syllabus and each has a checkmark but says “resume” on it. Nothing is incomplete. I’ll submit a bug report on this.
Did you submit a bug report too?

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Heh, to be honest idk how :upside_down_face:
Mind helping me out?

Did you go through each lesson on those courses to verify that they were in fact completed? I checked two of my courses & one was complete while another had new material that I’d not done yet.

Note these things on your original post if you can edit it:

  • your operating system
  • your web browser
  • a screenshot of your whole web page so that we can see what you are seeing :ballot_box_with_check:
  • a link to where the problem occurs
  • a description of the problem :ballot_box_with_check:

Alright thanks, will do so.


Since I couldn’t edit my post I’ll just leave the other details here:

Windows 10

Microsoft Edge

Well, in my courses overview the course is marked as “In Progress…”
Dashboard | Codecademy

And when I click on the course it says I’ve completed it. I already checked every lesson, and they are completed.
Learn SQL | Codecademy


That once happened to a friend of mine, it refreshed after a while.