A Comparison of GDP and Life Expectancy and a Data Source Recommendation for Future Analysis

contains code, graphics, and article with recommendations

Congrats on completing the project.

One issue though…only the top half of your notebook is showing in that ipynb file.

Another thing, a suggestion would be to not make people download your project to see it. If it’s available on your google drive as a presentation (Slides), just allow sharing (view only mode) so anyone can view it.

I find the sharing and posting difficult. I can finish the project, and then it takes me half a day to share it. It’s getting easier, but… I’m on a MacBook Air using Pages. I can ask that it be shared, then the path shows iCloud, but I don’t see a way to publish (no URL). Another rathole to go down…
Thanks for the feedback and any advise you can give me.

Ah, yes. I can understand that.

Do you have access to Google Drive? I’m wondering if you can convert the Pages document to Google Docs? OR, perhaps you can upload it to Drive and it will convert it automatically. The best option might be to just copy the text and paste it into google docs. Once something is in your Drive it’s easily sharable by selecting that gear icon in the upper right corner. From there you can select the permissions for the doc to “View only”.
Also, your Jupyter notebook can easily be opened in (Google) Colab. Colab is based on Jupyter but it’s in the cloud so it’s easily sharable. You can even push the Colab notebook directly to your GitHub repository from the notebook itself (from the File menu). It’s a thought. :slight_smile:

What about this?

Let me know if it works and I’ll repost. Much easier than trying to go through Jupyter and GitHub…

Yep, it works.

But, while in Colab you can push the notebook to GitHub and then select the repo you want to store it in. File > Save a Copy in GitHub

The code was incomplete. This link has completed code.

Cool. But, I would still push the notebook to GitHub. :slight_smile:
That way you have all your projects in one place for others to see. Like, say, if you’re applying to jobs your GH link can be on your cover letter, resume and LinkedIn profile. It’s a thought.