A closer look at CSS: Exercise 5 Color

Can someone explain what I’m doing wrong in this exercise.

Here is what I’ve done

body {
	height: 100%;
	margin: 0;
	text-align: center;
	width: 100%;

h1 { font-family: Palatino, 'Palatino Linotype', serif;
	font-size: 32px;
h2 {
	font-size: 32px;

And the problem is with the color in h1.
The instructions are:

HEX color provide millions of different shades of colors.

Try replacing the named color with one of the HEX colors below.


Click Run to see the result in the web browser.

As you can see I have the first of the examples in the code.

The error message that comes up is
“Did you change the h1 color to a hexadecimal value?”

I have put in all of the examples given and still this message comes up, is there something I need to change?

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lol same… This is really confusing

Same problem here! I filed a bug report, but unfortunately I can’t continue my lesson.

You’re missing a semi colon at the end.

@arcace74342 @coursemaster79099
Hello, please create your own topic - paste in your code and errors and we can help you.

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