A bug in lesson 26.Change the variable values


My genius mind found a short cut in this exercise. Instead of doing the whole 4 steps you can do this simple 3 step resolution.

var myName = “billy”

       console.log("myName".substring(0,2) );

this is the code now my genius mind is going to find other resolutions to this … code


I bet that doesn’t print out bi.



amateur try it for your self



not on a note pad on the website in lesson 26 the whole piece of code


I don’t know what you are trying to tell me.


do it in lesson 26, watch it will work


I don’t see how it could work, but okay, I will try. Here is what i see:


console.log(“myName”.substring(0,2)); prints the first two letters of the string “myName” and not of the variable myName = “billy”

I also get “my” as an output


you have to remove the quotes :wink:
console.log(myNametest.substring(0,2) );
and you get “bi” as an output :slight_smile:


No! @internal has the correct way. @internal is always correct. @internal is love. @internal is life!


var myNametest = “billy”
console.log(myNametest.substring(0,2) );

this code works for me …


I still believe @internal. In my experience, he is always correct.


you can try it yourself


I have. It doesn’t work:


yeah it says syntaxError because of the sentence “this code works for me…” delete this sentence in your editor :smirk:


Haha. Just messing with you :wink:


i know i am always right


We know too! :smile: