A bug about: Exercise 5-The CSS Setup (Learn HTML&CSS)


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I was working this exercise until the first intruction was fine, but in the second instruction, I don’t understand Why? If that exercise ask me I have to add in the element the href attribute and set it equal to /style.css, but according to me I did it , however, it indicates a bug, please, would be great if someone help me, thanks.


Learn HTML & CSS part 1: The CSS Setup - Linking the CSS File

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The link you provide (and any future links you will provide from the lessons) leads us to our own codes. That’s why it is important to post your code here as well and don’t forget to format it as well.

Common mistakes are usually spelling mistakes. But I cannot say anything further until I see what you’ve done :slight_smile:

Hi, thank you anyway for answer, I’m not a native, I am from Latinoamerica. Sorry for my spelling mistakes. Regards

I’m just saying to provide a little more information. Such as your full code and the error message you’re getting :slight_smile:

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