A brilliant introduction

What a brilliant introduction :slight_smile:

You’re really doing well with the Codecademy courses. Hopefully the new courses coming out will keep you just as busy. If not, there’s a whole bunch of older courses – some official, many un-official – that you can have a go at too : Bonus Codecademy Courses

There’s an ongoing project to keep that list growing : [Community Project] Gathering Non-Track Courses

Also, if your Dad’s okay with it, then upgrading to Codecademy Pro is well worth it for all the extra projects you get to access.

Finally, if you want to combine your love of programming with some electronics to keep your Dad happy, Raspberry Pi and Arduino can be great fun!

If you need another online resource to help with your AP Java then this course is very good : https://edhesive.com/courses/apcs_java You can sign up for free as an Independent Learner :slight_smile:

I found that AP course a little while ago on Code.org, which is an absolutely brilliant resource for learning CS at all levels. Here’s a list of free (and a few non-free) resources that might help you out: https://code.org/educate/curriculum/3rd-party

Good luck! And hope to see you again on the forums soon – I’m not on much at the moment as really busy studying on a pilot Codecademy course, but I’ll be around a lot more come December :slight_smile:


Thank you for the kind reply!

I definitely appreciate you taking the time and also saying the things that you did. I’m definitely excited about the new courses, and I’m for sure going to check out the bonus old courses. :slight_smile:
I will probably end up upgrading eventually, just as of now I haven’t.
That’s so funny you mentioned the Ras Pi and Arduino, he’s actually using both for his looper. He definitely loves hardware, but he’s really good at coding too and him using python for the raspberry pi is what made me actually start programming. I loved the resources you mentioned, thank you!
I am on the forums a lot, but right now, it was suggested to me to take a break from the forums, just ignoring them for a while and focus on coding and then come back later if I want to. I will end up doing that, and now, I’m just going to finish up some courses and start the new ones. :slight_smile:


Took this out of the main intro thread as open discussion is actually not encouraged in that thread. It’s a repository.


No problem Roy :slight_smile:

Sorry, wasn’t clear in @alex_bowen’s intro that replying to a post wasn’t encouraged… I just thought that such a brilliantly enthusiastic introduction merited an equally enthusiastic response :slight_smile:

Thanks for taking the time to move my reply (and for the rest of the time and hard work you put in keeping these forums so well-maintained!)


I’ve checked out some of the “bonus” courses that you mentioned, (provided a link to), and they’ve definitely helped. I already knew they were there, but since I’m running out of official stuff to do, I’ve been going through those. Especially if I’m stuff or need to just do easy stuff to get my programming juices flowing, lol. :smile: Not only have I learned stuff not in the current courses like JavaScript and Python, (namely recursion), I’ve got to really work with extra materials that are unofficial and give me a different way of looking at things! I’ve really had some fun with codecademy and just reached 1000 points, (1000 exercises.) Though I’ve been a member for just over six months, I only have programmed for the past one, which has been intense. I’m for sure loving my Computer Science class and I’m writing all kinds of stuff. I’ve already learned how to do all of the stuff that I’m doing in Java, but because it’s an AP class, naturally the assignments would be a lot harder, longer, and in depth, so that’s awesome.


Wow! You’re really flying through the lessons :slight_smile:

Must admit I’ve only just reached 200 points myself; but I do take my time over each exercise, e.g. make notes, jot down ideas for future projects, maybe do a few Google searches, and generally play around with new concepts outside of the Codecademy editor in the Terminal or in Brackets.

Going to have to ramp it up though as I’ve got a ton of courses I’ve got to complete by early December :scream:

  • Learn the Command Line
  • Learn HTML & CSS : Part I
  • Learn Sass
  • Learn Git
  • Deploy a Website
  • Learn JavaScript

And I’m also hoping to cover all the courses that are soon to be retired / replaced by the end of the year.

On the other hand, like yourself, I’m completely and utterly in love with coding, so I’m up past 2:00am every night still hacking away :sleepy:

I had a quick look at your Codecademy profile – I noticed you hadn’t done any of the web development courses except for JavaScript. I was just wondering if you had any idea where you think you might end up. If you like Python and SQL have you thought about going into Data Analysis / Science? If so, I was looking at DataQuest earlier on – very similar to Codecademy, except specializing in Data Science. Looks great and one I’d like to have a go at, maybe next year once I’ve exhausted all the Codecademy options. Another good site to look at is IBM’s Learning Lab, which Codecademy have partnered up with.

Interesting to hear about the more in-depth projects you’re doing in your AP Java class. There’s a couple of larger projects that are available to Pro subscribers for Ruby and Python. I’ve not completed them as I’m still yet to do the courses, but I’ve read through the instructions and they’re definitely a big step up from the usual Codecademy exercises. It’ll be awesome to level up over the next few months and get those projects under my belt.

Anyway, better get back to coding before the sun starts coming up :laughing:

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Haha, I’m up until 2 am almost every night as well! I typically don’t write notes, but I do for SQL because it’s A LOT of knowledge just being thrown at you that I’m not very much used to. What kind of editor do you use? I use terminal based as well, but I most commonly used jGRASP for Java or Anaconda for Python.
That’s a lot of courses you have to finish. Command Line was really easy, and I liked Learn JavaScrip too. I’m going to do Git and the other website ones too, web development just hasn’t been my favorite thing. I will most likely get into it later, but right now I’m infatuated with OOP. Thanks so much for thinks! Also, I am considering asking about going pro soon. :slight_smile:

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