A beginner's question

hey guys
i started learning python a while ago and i was wondering
to get a job is it enough to learn coding or is there any other needed qualifications like data knowledge or something
i m new to coding so i m looking forward to be a good member in this community
thank you

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Short answer- no (well in my opinion anyway). However, it is important to keep building your problem solving skills.

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Welcome to the forums! :slight_smile: It’s always nice to have another enthusiastic colleague.

It depends on the job but it’s safe to say coding is not enough. Coding is not enough for coding even. Depending on the areas you study, you will need fundamental control of that areas core topics. What @h1lo says is true that a common denominator is problem-solving skills.

Some other useful general skills are:

  • clarity of written communication
  • time management / knowing how to prioritize
  • teamwork (even if you’re a freelancer, you can think of the client/provider combo as a team of 2)
  • testing
  • version control
  • maintaining your “toolbox” of skills (whether it’s sharpening existing ones or adding new ones). This is important to stay relevant with the change in demands from the field.

Of course, I’m omitting the specific side skills you need for specific branches because those can extend very far for each type of branch. Nevertheless, they are necessary as well.

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I like to point this out specifically, because it happens to me to this very day. Reading comprehension. Just this week I had to read a set of requirements 6 times because I didn’t fully understand what we needed to do the first couple of times. I also continually find myself in the position (as QA and Engineering Manager) failing a story because it doesn’t meet the requirements, the feedback is usually “read point 2 again, you didn’t do that properly”.

I always question whether the requirement is clear enough or just vague, most of the time it’s perfectly clear.