A Badge Demoted? Why?


Just a simple post. I had the super user badge and I was very proud of it. I realize that one is not supposed to work for badges but it was nice to have a badge that recognized my commitment to the community and the time I had spent on it. Now I don't have it today even though I had it yesterday? I have done something wrong? Or are these badges very lucrative to the amount of time you spend on Codecademy? Just was wondering why this happened and if possible an explanation would be nice.


this badge is for TL3

from here:

i guess if you can lose TL3, you can lose the badge as well


Hmmm. Ok then. That is quite saddening to hear. I understand the concept and I would probably do the same to ensure active users have the badge. I guess it must have been since I was not very active over the holidays with Thanksgiving and my two week grace period was over 3 days ago since I got the badge 17 days ago according to my notifications. I realize that me and an admin got into a debate/argument yesterday since we disagreed I didn't know if I went to far in that discussion and thus lost that or what. So thank you and maybe I can get back to that xD Something about having Super in your name is very attractive :stuck_out_tongue:


i think if you will be active for a few days, you will earn it back :slight_smile:



@mtf did you lock their trust level at 2? Please motivate