A 13-year old programmer


Hi!My name is George and as you read from the title I am 13 years old.I starting programming at the age of 11 with HTML.It was really fun to do all this stuff like creating pages and things like that.I always loved coding and computers i was always the nerdy one in my school and always when kids had problems with their pc etc. asked for a piece of advice.Now, at the age of 13 I started learning Python.I actually completed the Python3 course on Sololearn but Codecademy teaches languages better :wink: .Now, i currently work on projects with Python.You can also view my Github account here: https://github.com/GrgBls


Welcome to programming! Cool square rooting program. You can use Python to work on many other mathematical formulas, including the quadratic formula, and otherwise. Some of these might be right up your alley for your age! Enjoy!


Great work, George! I look forward to seeing your GitHub account grow and grow - keep us posted on your progress! :smile:


Good Job! I'm a teenage programmer too. :slight_smile: Check out my website here. Nice GitHub account too. :smile:


Oh god there has been 2 months since then :frowning: Now it's the first time I see those comments. Well guys thank you all you for your support <3 ! @ajaxninja51690 cool website really awesome Maths program and URL shotrener :slight_smile: .Also started a project called "Noty" which actually is a terminal-interface note program.I am still working on it and a GUI.You can view my new project by clicking here: Noty


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And I thought I was alone. Keep doing it sir!:grinning:


Cool!:grinning: I started Code Academy when I was 12. I'm 13 now. Reading your message made me think of my coding experience; I started learning HTML and CSS, then at the age of 13, I started Python on Code Academy, like you. I am glad that you like Code Academy, too. I am also glad to know I am not the only young coder! I hope you have a fun time coding! Good Luck:grin:


Hi gladster I am think of starting a group for kids who can code like you and me do you have anything I can private message you


Hi George!

That’s very inspiring that you’ve done as much as you have at just 13 years old! Keep it up. I’m 10 years older than you and I hope to be able to follow in your footsteps of progress!