9 .The n shortcut 2 , is my code wrong



this is the error message , It is returning

Oops, try again. It looks like the n key isn't moving to the next article. Remember to remove the 'current' class from currentArticle and place it on nextArticle.

var main = function(){
    if(event.which === 111){
    }else if(event.which === 110) {
      var currentArticle = $('current');
      var nextArticle = currentArticle.next();



it is ok now , I forgot to add a point before current ,

var currentArticle = $('current');    \\ wrong 
var currentArticle = $('.current');    \\ right

but I am wondering myself why we don't add point or dot in next "current " lines




why we don't add point or dot in next "current " lines

This should explain that for you:


Thank you so much Zystran


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