9. Style that Head!

Hello people, my index.html look like this…

Table Time
    <table style="border-collapse:collapse;">
                **<th style"font-size:12px; color:red">Famous Monsters by Birth Year</th>**
            <tr style="border-bottom:1px solid black;">
                <th style="padding:5px;">Famous Monster</th>
                <th style="padding:5px;border-left:1px solid black;">Birth Year</th>
                <td style="padding:5px;">King Kong</td>
                <td style="padding:5px;border-left:1px solid black;">1933</td>     
                <td style="padding:5px;">Dracula</td>
                <td style="padding:5px;border-left:1px solid black;">1897</td>
                <td style="padding:5px;">Bride of Frankenstein</td>
                <td style="padding:5px;border-left:1px solid black;">1944</td>

It says, Oops, tryagain. Add a ‘style’ attribute to the first

tag! Set the value of this attribute to ‘color:red;’

Please help!


after an attribute (in this case style) there should be a equal sign, it is missing

Now it says, Oops, try again. Surround ‘Famous Monster’ with tags!

Well, you didn’t insert any em tags at the moment. See if you can figure out where you need to insert them, be aware that you have 3 sets of th tags.

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