grades = [100, 100, 90, 40, 80, 100, 85, 70, 90, 65, 90, 85, 50.5]
def print_grades(grades):
for grade in grades:
print grade
def grades_sum(grades):
total = 0
for grade in grades:
total += grade
return total
def grades_average(grades):
sum_of_grades = grades_sum(grades)
average = sum_of_grades / float(len(grades))
return average
def grades_variance(grades):
average = grades_average(grades)
variance = 0
for score in grades:
variance += (average - score) ** 2
return variance / len(grades)
def grades_std_deviation(variance):
return variance ** 0.5
variance = grades_variance(grades)
print grades
print grades_sum(grades)
print grades_average(grades)
print grades_variance(grades)
print grades_std_deviation(variance)

Oops, try again.
It looks like not all grades were printed! Make sure you are printing ech one on their own line.
and what's wrong in my code ?

Replace this line with your code.


Should be

print print_grades(grades)

You're just printing the list. They want you to print the grades on each line (which you've written a function for that called print_grades. It was the first function you wrote).


Got it.... Thank you..


I was getting the same error.
Adding to datfatcat's answer
Also change
print grades_std_deviation(variance)
print grades_std_deviation(grades_variance(grades))


Need your full code...


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