9.Review- how is evaluated the code in Python?




I noticed that I haven't finished writing all the code according to the Instructions and the Lesson is validated.(I clicked Save&Submit after each line code to see what it does)

My question is: code is verified line by line from current line to next line or is taking into consideration the code mentioned above?

As print grades_variance(grades) and print grades_std_deviation(grades) are mentioned earlier.This is the reason why the lesson is validated?

Or is a Python - Codecademy learning issue?



I believe you are asking about Control Flow and this read should answer your question adequately,


Hi, Dave!

I've been reading what you mentioned.

Sincerely, I was expecting a more "begginer friendly" explanation.

I know the general info that the code is executed line by line but for this particularly situation it seems to me a paradox to have an Instruction for something that's no need for, like :
"Print out the following:
- variance,
- standard deviation".

Thank you!


Hi @corinaa

I'd be happy to clarify, in a simple way whatever you still don't understand. What is it you still can't wrap your head around?


Thank you, Dave for being so kind.

I try to explain what it seems to me that I don't understand.I hope more clear this time.

According to Instructions which says:
"Print out the following:

all of the grades
sum of grades
average grade
standard deviation"

I've coded the first 3 requests.After the Save&Submit click, the lesson is validated.But why? I haven't finished the exercise.This is my question.

On the editor the codes for printing the variance and the standard deviation are mentioned earlier on other lessons.If these are kept so to say improper "in memory" then why appears as Instruction?

I'am a beginner in programming, started just 1 month and a half and succeded to achieve only 80% of Python course.Probably until 100% more things will be cleared out. :yum:


The problem here is not in the interpretation of your code (The Control Flow) but because the SCT { Submission Correction Test } is not as intricate as it should be. :slight_smile:



It seems that the SCT problem is also the response I received for my post on 17.List Slicing .

Is there anything Codecademy can do, to improve this kind of situations?

Thank you!


New courses will be released soon that will take into account these 'bugs'


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