9. Next!


can someone explain what this line means
next if i % 2 == 1
I got it right in the exercise but I don't understand what it is telling ruby to do


It means that ruby would skip the numbers that are divisible to 2 and leave "1" as a remainder. 3, 5, 7, 9 are dividable by 2 and would leave 1 as a remainder.
So, if you 1,2,3,4,5,6 and apply your code on this array, the answer would be 2,4,6.


Depending on the programming-language the % operator
is called the modulo or remainder operator.

the so-called Remainder-operator %
or modulo-operator
if used it will return the rest-value.

9%3 You read it as nine modulo three is zero, as 9 divided by 3 has NO rest-value.
22%6 You read 22 modulo six is 4, as 22 divided by 6 will leave you with rest-value 4
10%5 You read 10 nodulo five is zero, as 10 divided by 5 will have NO rest-value

Now if you setup a comparison like
number %2 === 0
which you read as
number modulo two equals zero
and this results in a True
you will know that =number= is an EVEN number.....



I meant the same but I was being as modest as I could for his better understanding.
And I also know it's called modulo :slight_smile:
But Thanx for the detail though.


supersaiyangods I agree it doesn't make sense, in the instructions % seems to be compared to /


maybe it means, in plain english and basic math = if it is divisible by 2 and gives only whole numbers (that's what the 1 may stand for) than it is skipped (even numbers don't give decimals a.k.a remainders during division by 2)

simililarily... the i % 2 == 0 meant that "if when i is divided by 2 and DOESN'T give only whole number (symbolized by zero) then it is skipped ( clearly the odd numbers would give answers with decimals aka remainders)

I think I deserve a gold star or a munch of likes for this simplification of % symbol