9. Making Decisions (in Loops!)



i get the error: "Oops, try again. Make sure you're starting at 100 and it's not squared."


What is the exercise url? I can't find the exercise


It says you to print square of Odd numbers between 100 and 150.
current program testing for even numbers and if number is even then its printing squared value of it, but you have to test for odd numbers and print square values of it?
You need to make changes in your if's boolean expression!


This was the link, (I found using google searching the error message)

FizzBuzz - exercise!


Thanks! I confused the odd/even numbers:grin:


Its happens , :thumbsup:
do provide links with code so It'll be easy for anyone to help!
I had to search for error then I reached at that link! :smiley: