9. Learn More: Link/stuck


Nicely done! As a last step, let’s change the color of the a elements as well.

Make a new CSS rule that selects the a element inside <div class="learn-more">..</div>
Set the color to #00b0ff

here's my code

.learn-more a {
color: #00b0ff,
} -

Oops, try again. Set the color of the a elements inside

to #00b0ff

what's wrong?


you put a - at the end of the .learn-more a code block.


.learn-more a {
color: #00b0ff,

its like this but i still can't pass


you need to get rid of the , at the end of #00b0ff


oh i did it and passed thank you so much.but i didn't quite understand the point, may i ask why?


the , isn't in the coding language for CSS but when you have 2 things being applied to the same HTML element in the same CSS code block then you put a ; at the end of the last modifier in the CSS block then on the right of the ; you can put another modifier on and repeat.

hope this cleared things up a bit! :smiley:


thank you so much :smile: