9. Learn More: Link -- Set the color of the a elements


I seem to be having a problem with this as well.
here is my code for the exercise in main.css:

.learn-more a {color: #00b0ff}

I am getting an error message: "Oops, try again. Set the color of the a elements inside <div class="learn-more">..</div> to #00b0ff"

Any idea why this is happening?

.9 link learn more

Not from what I can see so far. Could you post all of your main.css file?


pm you as i have been flagged before on here


you are missing the semi-colon after the color code


tried that didnt work tks


Thanks, I got it and replied.

You were flagged for posting just code with no explanation. Was that code meant to be a question?


No I was answering somebody's' question and didn't read guidelines yet.
Thanks I got your response and it fixed it for me.
I am happy with the finished product. It's my first build!


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