9. integers not strings!


Hi everybody !

This part is really tough : at every level I meet a problem...last one was a bug.

I looked at the line 26 : devoirs = moyenne(etudiant["devoirs"]), but "devoirs" must be a string, shouldn't have to change it.
Looked at line 50 : resultats.append(calcule_moyenne(etudiant)), which seems normal to me.
Looked at line 53 : print calcule_classe_moyenne(etudiants), which also seems normal to me.

And all these lines used to work before...
Maybe a part of the code which uses these lines ?

Thanks in advance for your suggestions.


You should define a list of student then use it by the functions:
students = [lloyd, alice, tyler]
print get_class_average(students)
print get_letter_grade(get_class_average(students))


Thanks, Sandra13, but I've done it on line 45; do you think I'd better do it again ?


I solved it myself : there was an indentation on line 45 : "print..." that I deleted.

Now the problem has changed, and reviewing the indicated lines changes nothing. Any idea ?