9. Help please


<!DOCTYPE html>
		<link type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" href="stylesheet.css"/>
		<h2 ID="intro"><h2>Introduction</h2>
		 <h3 ID="standout"><h3>Classes and IDs in CSS</h3>
		<p ID="standout"><p>Classes and IDs are super easy in CSS. You're using them right now!</p>
		  <h3>Regular HTML Selectors</h3>
		<p>If you don't bother with a class or ID, an HTML element just gets
		   the regular CSS styling for that element—or the default styling if you
		   don't specify any particular styling on the stylesheet.



when you have a paragraph (or heading, doesn't matter):


you can add the style attribute to the existing opening tag:

<p id="example">example</p>

also, make id lowercase.


At first do what @stetim94 said
also we don't select an id with . .we use . for class.To select an id use #



ok so thank you for that but it still says its wrong


ok so i realized my problem was instead of putting "id" for the first "h3" and "p" i needed to put class


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