9.Functions with two parameters.(solve)



There is no question here. Please tell us what you are having trouble with so we can help you.


i dont have any question,This is the solution of 9.Functions with two parameters.


@tommasgr You should read the forum guidelines when you get a chance.


@tommasgr can you explain why'd you put (1,1) when calling the function????


he is calling the function to compute the perimeter of a rectangle with dimensions of 1L x 1W


why?it's forbid to give the solution?


Directly from the community guidelines:

"We do not tolerate cheating!

Please do not just post answers, or ask for them. Some people may help you by posting some code or showing you errors, but cheating is not tolerated. If we see anybody cheating we will delete the post, and maybe ban your account."


It also defeats the purpose of the site. The site is made to learn, and if people just came to the forums to read an answer when they got stuck, they really wouldn't learn.


I didn't know it. Sorry


You'll be ok :slight_smile:


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