9. Functions with two parameters HELP



I'm pretty stumped and not good w/ functions at all if anyone can help it would be much appreciated.

// Write your function starting on line 3

var parimeterBox = function(9,4) {
return 9 * 4;


1- Write a function called perimeterBox that returns the perimeter of a rectangle.
2-It should have two parameters.
3-One formula for perimeter is length + length + width + width;
4-Call the function and pass in any value for length and width you like.

These are the instructions. Start over from the beginning. Create the function first before putting values into the parameters. Then when you call the function, put in the parameter values.

This is good syntax. Change your function name to perimeterBox. Instead of function(9,4), use function(length,width). In your return statement, use what they give you in step 3.


oh yeah I see i put an A rather than an E lol


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