9.Function Imports || Stuck



It continues to tell me that there is no module named module.
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "python", line 2, in
ImportError: No module named module

I'm putting in exactly as it asks

# Import *just* the sqrt function from math on line 3!
from module import sqrt
import sqrt


Ok so basically all you need to do is import sqrt from math so

from math import sqrt

That is it


Thank you, every time I come to the forum for help you're always there. I owe you. Big time


No problem! Glad to help! Yeah it is unusual for one person to help another so many times when their are so many moderators and help deskers :smiley:


Lol. I guess I'm not as smart as I thought I was xD Your help is appreciated.


No no! Do not be so down on yourself haha. It is not easy learning a whole new language! I have not master python either. I just happen to be a few lessons ahead of you. Sometimes you just stare at stuff and you hit walls and you just need a little hint or nudge to get you to the solution :smiley: I believe that is why the forums are so useful!


I agree. Though the only way for me to learn (apart from that certain nudge) is to be hard on myself. Although, it could just as easily discourage me from continuing on. But school makes me go -_-


Yes, I understand both lol You can be so critical of yourself that you hinder your progress and yes school....the necessary evil and good of life haha


There's a good and bad to everything.
They should really make a mobile version of Codecademy


I totally agree on that one. That would be a handy way to progress through Codecademy. But I also know, what little I know about app programing, it takes a lot of work to pull off. It might even be in the works but I bet with all Codecademy has to offer it might take a while along with its new systems that they are just now updating.


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