9. Font Color.. font size error unable to resolve


Getting an error that my header should be 16px but is 32px.. what am I doing wrong?

Thanks for looking :smile:

 <!DOCTYPE html>
		<title>Changing the colors!</title>
		<h1 style="font-size=16px; color:green">Big Heading</h1>
			<p style="color:violet">A giant bear and a little duck were friends.</p>
			<p style="color:red; font-size=10px">But the bear got hungry and ate the duck.</p>


Notice how you assign the value for the property "color"...font-size has a syntax error. It should be a colon sign, not an equal sign.

<h1 style="font-size:16px; color:green;">Big Heading</h1>


Ah! You're so right... time to take a break,it seems. Thank you!!