9.Display: Flex


i'm having the same problem!

gallery {
  display: flex;
  margin-top: 20px;

Error message: Did you add a display of flex to the .gallery selector in main.css?

Display flex what is wrong with this?

needs to be .gallery
as its a class so you put a . first


That's not it; I just missed the "." when I copied and pasted


I accepted the get code option. It's exactly what I entered. Possible bug in step 1 of exercise 9 for Make a Website?


It would have been better if we tried to resolve it..
Anyways good luck with upcoming lessons..

Happy learning :green_heart:


How would we resolve a bug, other than reporting it?


What I said was you shouldn't have clicked get code rather, we should have tried and figured the cause of the error or if all the code was correct I could ask you for info to report the bug.

I can't say there is a bug from seeing few lines of your code and you getting an error.
I need all information in order to file through a report,

I can't do that now as you have clicked get code thus you have passed.

Sorry for the inconvenience


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