9.Class selectors, class fancy


I am now on lesson 9, Class selectors. I made a h3 header and paragragh, and did the CSS for it. However, though everything looks like it should, color and all, it keeps saying: “Oops, try again. Did you give your h3 header a class of ‘fancy’?”
Here is my code:


Header of H3

Paragraph. This is a paragragh.


/*Add your CSS below!*/ .fancy { font-family:cursive; color:violet; }


What it tells you is to give the class fancy directly to h3 not to a div (or divider). So you must enter the attribute class inside of your heading three not in the div tag.


same for the paragraph, you should add the fancy class to the paragraph also, nice try to take a shortcut, but it isn’t going to work


Thanks, I got it now. As to the shortcut, I tried both ways, with and without the shortcut.


Having a similar issue can’t figure it out


You need to create an HTML element with the class fancy… For example create a paragraph tag and add the class fancy


Do anything wrong!


remove the div, and give the class of fancy directly to the heading an paragraph