9/9 Rock, Paper, Scissors: Next Steps


I'd like to tackle the three questions they are asking even though its not mandatory. Can someone give me some clues and some starting points or pointers?

Next Steps
Congratulations on making your awesome game! But now comes the best bit. You have the skills to build a game of your own design! Below are some ideas:

What if a user makes an inappropriate choice like 'dog'? How can we extend the function to handle that?

What if players in the game could also choose Rope in this game?

In this version, if both players make the same choice, the game returns a tie. What if the game didn't end there but instead asked both players for new choices?


else. :slightly_smiling:

If you want this to always work you should better go on and learn about loops. Otherwise make it so that it works once and later the migration to loops is no longer that difficult. Also I'd recommend that you use the compare output instead of trying to fix this inside of the function.

Good Luck!