9.2 <p class="likes">+ {{ product.likes }} </p>

Here’s my code…

<div class="rating">
   	<p class="likes">+ {{ product.likes }} </p>

So I added the likes: 0 in the controller which I know is correct because I got that part right but adding the above HTML right below the <p class="date">{{ product.pubdate | date }}</p> doens’t seem to work for me.
I’ve tried loading the correct code and deleting what I don’t need for that step but nothing’s working

See anything that stands out?

Sorry, I wrote “like” instead of “likes” in my post but in my code I do actually have “likes”

Did you make it through this module?

I did not get through the module

Are you still at 9.2? Is the lesson check hanging or timing out?

I’m still on 9.2 but I haven’t tried it again since I posted this. I don’t think it’s ever timed out, but it does hang sometimes and it takes a long time for it to check if the answer is correct.

I have also got a weird error message once, I forget what the error message was but I have seen other posts about it.

Give it a try tomorrow. Start with a fresh view. Let us know what you experience (screenshot).

Sorry I haven’t responded in a while but the problem I was having seems to be fixed.