9/19 pls help


i dont know what to put


Hi @javarunner91804,

If you read the instructions carefully, you realise that they just give it straight to you... :smile:

Let's import only the sqrt function from math this time. (You don't need the () after sqrt in the from math import sqrt bit.)

If you are unsure why from math import sqrt is the answer read the text above the instructions again and make sure you understand it well. You may also go back a few exercises

Good luck! :smile:


from math import sqrt


import math
print math.sqrt(13689)

This is one way that worked for me...


Hi @elame,

You imported the entire math library! It will work, there is no doubt about it, but importing an entire library when all you need is a single function is the equivalent of buying an entire hardware store just because you need one single metric screw... :smile:

from math import sqrt
print sqrt(36)

You just have to import sqrt function from math library..


from math import sqrt