9/15 text won't appear on bear with mouse hover



I can't figure out where.how to put the alt code that will show the text when i hover the mouse over the bear pic.
Anyone help pls?

Ta :slight_smile:

<img src="https://s3.amazonaws.com/codecademy-content/courses/web-101/web101-image_brownbear.jpg"   alt="The head and shoulders of a large brown bear facing the viewer"/>


I am having the same problem and whats with the hashtag?


I've realised that the description won't show up without the software needed to run that application. Could be a bit more explicit in the dialog so as not to confuse.... I


so did you get it running?


well i got the green tick so yeah i did........ it's confusing because the text doesn't make it clear that you won't see the description when you hover the mouse over the picture (unless you have the necessary software installed that it mentions).......


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