9/13 I have no clue what is wrong here


var perimeterBox = function(length, width){
return legnth + length + width + width

I have tried this by reloading the page and it still doesn't say its right. It says Oops, try again. Your code doesn't look quite right. Check out the example in the instructions if you need help!" Can someone please help me ive been on this for a while now!

1  var perimeterBox = function(length, width){
2  return legnth + length + width + width
3  };
4  perimeterBox(1,1);

HI , I see that in line 2 there is spelling mistake. thats really important in these kind of exercises ! :smile:
and in line four , you need to call the function and at the same time you need to print the output by using console.log

hope I give you a hand!! bye!


Thanks i ended up retyping the whole thing over again and it worked. But, thanks for explaining.


In this case the error messages might even be helpful, if you get the Referrence Errro variable xy is not defined, then it often means that you have a typo in it because then it assume that the name with the mistake is another variable which is yet not defined.